Love is his meaning

The Desiring Life Group meet fortnightly to discuss topics raised by particular books. All the meetings are held on Tuesday afternoons in the Parish Centre Lounge from 2.30pm and are led by members of the clergy team or a member of the group.

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Starting on Tuesday 11 September we will be discussing:

Love is His Meaning – Understanding the teachings of Jesus by Keith Ward

“The teachings of Jesus are of vital importance to Christians. No doubt there are many of Jesus’ teachings that have not been recorded, just as there are many of his actions that were not recorded: ‘There are also many other things that Jesus did; if everyone of them were written down, I suppose the world itself could not contain the books that were written’ (John 21.25). The records we have in the Gospels are the first and only direct testimonies to the teachings of the person who is at the heart of the Christian faith”.


In this book Keith Ward explores the various figures of speech and images that Jesus used, he finds they are all ways of expressing and evoking the self-giving love of God, manifested supremely in Jesus’ life. They communicate spiritual truths, more often in a poetic way than literally. They encourage us to take our own moral decisions with sensitivity and care for others. They show that God will never abandon anyone, and that his love extends to everyone in the world without exception. And they promise a fulfilment of our hopes for a just and peaceable world that surpasses anything we might describe or imagine.

Putting aside literalist, authoritarian, legalistic, judgemental and divine presentations of Jesus’ teachings, the author shows that what remains is the gospel of a divine love – a love stronger than death, and the only power that can redeem our disordered world.

Keith Ward was the Regius Professor of Divinity, Oxford University. He now lives in Abingdon and is an honorary priest of the parish.

Love is His Meaning

Keith Ward


ISBN 978-0-281-07763-2


Desiring Life Dates Autumn 2018

Tuesday 11th September      Jesus and revelation

Tuesday 25th September      Jesus’ moral teaching [pages 11 – 21]

Tuesday 9th October            Jesus’ moral teaching [pages 21 – 35] 

Tuesday 23rd October          The Kingdom of God [pages 36 – 45]   

Tuesday 6th November        The Kingdom of God [pages 45 – 59]

Tuesday 20th November       The end of the age     

Tuesday 4th December         How non-literalism helps us to understand Jesus’ teaching

All the meetings are held in the Parish Centre Lounge from 2.30pm and led by members of the clergy team or a member of the group. Buy a copy of the book and turn up, no need to book a place.

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