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Jan19 New choir members

On Sunday 20th January David and Eliza were formally inducted into St Helen's Choir. They recieved their surplices to show that they are now full choir members. Under the Director of Music, Dr Peter Foster they will work towards the Royal College of Music 'Voice for Life' awards, shown by the coloured ribbons the choristers wear.

If you would like to join the choir, have a chat with Peter or look at the choir pages on the website here.

TraditioFirst Sundays February to July 2019

Personal Testimonies of Faith Seeking Understanding

We explore the experience of handing on and receiving Christian faith – the basic meaning of the theological term ‘tradition’. Derived from the Latin word traditio, meaning a teaching or instruction that is handed down through time, ‘tradition’ is not so much “what we’ve always done” as the dynamic experience by which communities, and individuals within communities, ‘catch’ the faith through personal encounter with other believers.

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Preparation for the New Church Electoral Roll 2019- St Helen's, Abingdon-on-Thames

The Electoral Roll is the basic list in every parish of all those entitled to vote in elections within the Church of England. Those entitled to have their names on this roll have to be 16 years of age or over and must reside in the relevant parish or be regular worshippers in the church whose roll they wish to join. Every six years, a new roll has to be prepared at which point all existing members have to re-apply for membership or else their names will not be included on the new Roll. This ensures that the Roll is kept current and up to date. Preparation for a new Roll will be taking place during February and March this year, so everyone who regularly attends a church or churches in our Parish is requested to apply for enrolment on the Church Electoral Roll.

Application Forms for completion are available from the Church Office or from the three churches in the Parish, St. Michaels, St. Nicholas and St. Helen’s. Each Church has a designated Electoral roll officer who will be coordinating this process.”

Love unknown JB

Love Unknown

Meditations on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus

John Barton

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“Human life is unpredictable – full of sorrows that no one can foresee and of joys that come unlooked for. But Christians often see the life, death and resurrection as an exception to this rule.

You may have seen that the press has been covering the incident in the bell tower in January 2018. 

This matter is in the hands of solicitors.

Should you be contacted by the media, please just say "No Comment".